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Youku Tudou Sues Over Xiaomi’s Miui Box VOD Infringement

Chinese online video company Youku Tudou Group has reportedly sued Chinese mobile phone upstart Xiaomi for video-on-demand infringement.

Youku Tudou reportedly claims that Xiaomi's Miui Box illegally provided the VOD service for ten movies and TV series which infringed on Youku Tudou's rights because they allegedly owned those rights. Youku Tudou asked Xiaomi to immediately stop the infringement, make a public apology, and pay a compensation of CNY5.1 million.

Youku Tudou said they spent lots of money on the related rights of the involved movies and TV series. However, Xiaomi allegedly provided VOD of these works to the public on its Miui Box without permission, which seriously violated the intellectual property rights protection system of China and caused interest damage to the prosecutor.

Youku Tudou also said that they have found Miui Box's infringement of up to 173 exclusive works and will file lawsuits against Xiaomi gradually.

Miui Box is an HD Internet set-top TV box which allows users to watch movies and TV shows from the Internet on TV for free. Prior to this, it was sued by Xunlei and Hunan Satellite TV for similar infringements.

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