and announced that the two parties will realize full intercommunication between Sina Weibo and Alipay accounts to provide convenient Weibo payment services to users in China.

With the cooperation, users will be able to complete online payments on the Weibo microblogging platform as well as use for offline daily retail consumption with the Weibo client.

Wang Gaofei, Sina's senior vice president and general manager of the Weibo business unit, said that Sina Weibo has a user group of over 500 million people and Weibo has become an "Internet pass" for Chinese netizens. Meanwhile, Alipay is one of the most influential Internet payment tools in China. The cooperation of the two parties will further enhance the social marketing advantages of Weibo.

Previously, users who wanted to buy products and services on Weibo had to login in Alipay, Internet banking or other payment tools in the payment process. However, with the launch of Weibo payment, they only need to bind their Alipay accounts with Weibo accounts. Once completed, they will be able to realize payment with a six-digit password in the future.

After order payments, users can also choose to follow the vendors or share the products with their friends on Weibo.

Apart from the account intercommunication, Sina Weibo and Alipay also announced a two-dimensional code sharing. Users of either Weibo client or Alipay client can scan two-dimensional code for payments published by both parties.