China Central Television published a report on China's economic life between 2013 and 2014 which shows that 81.52% of Chinese families had online shopping experiences in 2013.

Compared with other consumer groups, university students and people in management positions shopped online more often, especially those in the 18-25 age demographic.

By region, citizens in Hainan, Tibet and Jiangsu were more enthusiastic about Internet shopping; while those in Beijing, Xinjiang and Shanxi were at the bottom of this list. The survey shows that Internet shopping has become a national trend; however, products purchased online were mostly low-price ones. During 2013, the most popular products in online shopping were clothing, books, home appliances, and digital products.

CCTV said that though the consumption method has changed and online shopping gradually has become a national trend, it is worth noting that the top three popular online shopping products are still mainly low-price products.

Based on overall consumer desires, over the past five years, consumers have always been willing to buy home appliances and tourism products. Meanwhile, the demand for high value-added products like automobiles declined. In addition, consumer services are still in a secondary position, except for education and training which is among the top five products demanded by consumers in 2014.