The network security safeguard team of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Chinese Internet security company Qihoo 360 jointly announced they will establish a network security anti-fraud initiative.

The initiative's official website at has officially started operation.

Meanwhile, Ye Manqing, director of the network security safeguard team, announced that with the approval of the Beijing municipal government, they have selected April 29 as Beijing's Internet security day to educate the public and help fight Internet fraud.

The newly established anti-fraud alliance will have information sharing of malicious URLs, fraud-related instant messaging, fraudulent phone numbers, and spam text messages between the bureau and Qihoo 360. The two parties will build a network fraud database to warn users and help the anti-fraud campaigns of many public security units.

The next step of the alliance will expand cooperating partners to cover enterprises, institutions, and social organizations, broaden information source channels, and enhance the network fraud information database. At the same time, the official website of the anti-fraud alliance will handle reports, complaints and inquiries from individual users. They will also open a network security education channel to provide related knowledge via articles and videos.