Taiwanese government officials revealed that Facebook plans to build a data center in Changhua, Taichung.

Commenting on the news, Facebook confirmed that they did find a suitable location in Taiwan to build a new data center; however, they have not yet made the final decision.

The government officials from Changhua said that Facebook hired a consulting service company to evaluate six candidate locations and the winner is the one near Changhua high speed rail station. In August 2015, Facebook sent its technical team for further evaluation of this site.

Facebook, which is blocked in mainland China, plans to invest NTD10 billion, which is about USD300 million, to build this new data center. The initial area of this data center will be six hectares and the final scale will reach 20 hectares.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in Taiwan. Facebook claimed that they have about 15 million monthly active users in the Taiwanese market. In January 2015, the company announced a decision to establish a small team in Taipei to provide better technical support to enterprises and application developers in Taiwan.