Chinese Internet company Tencent announced business restructuring and personnel changes for its QQ music business line.

The company revealed that they will establish a QQ music business line, which will be responsible for the development and operation of music products, including QQ Music and, an online karaoke platform. This new QQ music business line will have a platform product unit, a social media product unit, and a basic platform unit.

Meanwhile, Tencent announced the establishment of several related departments, including a music finance department, copyrights management department, legal affairs department, and human resources department.

In regards to personnel changes, Tencent appointed Hu Min as chief financial officer of Tencent music, leading Tencent's music finance management; Hou Deyang was appointed vice president of Tencent music, leading the full business and management of QQ music business line; Wu Weilin was appointed vice president of Tencent music group, leading the group's copyrights management; Luo Yi was appointed deputy general manager of the platform product unit of QQ music business line, leading human resources management of the group's related departments and QQ music business line; and Yang Qihu was appointed general legal adviser of Tencent music, leading legal management of Tencent music.

All those newly appointed executives will report to Peng Jiaxin, chief executive officer of Tencent music.