On the heels of its American partner Uber ensconced in controversy of its treatment of women, Chinese ride-share company Didi Chuxing is focusing on more opportunities for its female employees.

Jointly initiated by Didi Chuxing's chief executive officer Cheng Wei and president Liu Qing, the company announced the launch of a female career development plan and the establishment of the "Didi Women's Network".

This is reportedly the first female-oriented career development plan in a major Chinese Internet company.

With the slogan of "Be Great Be You", Didi hopes to inspire the company's multicultural atmosphere, promote faster growth of high-potential women, and create a working environment which is more conducive to the career development of female employees.

Liu said during the launch ceremony that it is her long-cherished wish to establish a female organization in Didi since the first day she joined the company. Everyone needs to be in their best state to release greater potential, said Liu. The original intention of Didi Women's Network is to create a sense of belonging and promote potential for female employees.

In 2016, only 19.6% employees in the top 25 technology companies in the Silicon Valley were female. Meanwhile, the female employee ratio in Didi reached 40%, which was much higher than the average ratio in Chinese or Silicon Valley technology companies. Didi said it is an indispensable part of their enterprise core value to fully support the career development of female employees.