Kumai.jd.com, the second-hand trading platform of JD.com will partially close its e-commerce platform services starting from June 22, 2017.

Then after a two-month transitional period, Kumai will also shut down the follow-up post-sales services starting from August 22, 2017.

Kumai said that the platform may have unpredictable transaction risks and they will help users keep order records and transfer the amounts in their accounts, if any.

In February 2017, JD launched this Kumai e-commerce site. According to the description of the site, it is a platform for the sale of non-new products with a generous seven-day return policy. The main business range of this website covers used mobile phones and 3C products, in addition to maternal and child products, personal care and cosmetics, and edible health products.

Kumai will soon transition to an internal purchase platform for enterprise partners, and it is only open to customers recommended by cooperating enterprises.