Japan's Nintendo reached an agreement with China's Tencent to launch Tencent's popular game "Arena of Valor" on Nintendo's Switch this winter.

"Arena of Valor", with the Chinese name "Wang Zhe Rong Yao", is the English name used for the European edition of the game and Tencent plans to continue to use this name for its American edition soon to be launched.

Nintendo has been longing to expand in the Chinese market and is actively finding a way. Prior to this, Nintendo hoped to sell its Wii U console in China, but gave up the plan.

Nintendo's Switch started sales in March 2017 and has entered the global smartphone gaming market. If Nintendo entered the Chinese market, the company would explore a way to allow Chinese smartphone users to enjoy Switch games.

Switch is now not officially available in China, so the cooperation between Nintendo and Tencent will not cover Chinese users. However, it may lay a foundation for the launch of Switch in China.