Qiyi.com, the independently operated video website created by the Chinese search engine Baidu Inc, has launched its beta test and is now open to invited users.

The front page of Qiyi.com shows that the construction of the website is about 90% completed. Its testing tasks will be divided into two phases: the first phase is to allow invited users to login the website to test its technologies and products, and to give feedback related to Qiyi’s pages, video quality, and play fluency from a professional point of view; the second phase is to allow these invited users to further invite other people to join the tests, aiming to implement comprehensive tests before the formal launch of the website later this year.

Gong Yu, CEO of Qiyi, told local media that Qiyi decided to set the beta test stage before the official launch. Qiyi’s goal is to provide free-of-charge and quality video services to Chinese users as well as a quality and cost-effective online marketing platform to advertisers. The beta test is in line with the goal of the company and its future development will focus on the improvement of the experience of users.

The period of the beta test will reportedly be decided by the progress of the testing and will be no longer than one month.