Chinese Internet security solutions provider 360 has published a commitment for user privacy protection and announced at the same time that it will submit its source code to China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center for hosting and testing.

Qi Xiangdong, president for 360, said that problems like online recruitment website’s illegally resale of the resumes of users; leakage of users’ registered information by social networking sites; and the sales of chat records, e-photos, and videos of netizens have been occurring recently, affecting Chinese netizens’ confidence in the entire Internet ecosystem.

Qi told local media that online privacy leaks are often implemented secretly, creating a difficult environment for netizens to protect their rights. However, the source code hosting of the company will completely solve the identification and evidence collection problem. This move not only aims to enhance its protection over the privacy of users, but also expects to set a good example for the entire industry to provide Chinese netizens with a good Internet environment.

China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center is one of the most authoritative organizations for source code hosting and testing in China, and its stamp of approval is expected to boost 360’s ability to endear itself to its customers and users.

Wang Jun, general engineer from China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center, explained that after receiving the application, the center will implement testing on information technologies products and their codes to identify whether they are risk-free or not.