As the first batch of designated targets, ten Chinese mainland news websites will get listed in the A-share market in China.

The ten websites are:,,,,,,,,, and

A representative from told local media that the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the China Securities Regulatory Commission are actively promoting this project to ensure at least one or two of these news websites can be listed successfully before the end of 2010. At present, restructuring programs of several central websites have reportedly been approved and has also submitted its program.

According to Shanghai Securities News, Chinese news websites currently have three major operational and management systems: the first type is completely dependent on parent media and does not have independent operating rights; the second type is an independent company operation system like that of and; and the third are public institutions that are operated like companies — most Chinese news websites belong to this system.

Public statistics show that compared with 2008, the total output of China’s news publishing industry increased by about 20% in 2009; the sales of books increased by 20%; the new media publishing surged by 42%; and the total output of digital publishing reached CNY75 billion.