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China’s Sina.com Publishes First Microblog White Paper

Chinese portal website Sina.com has published its first white paper targeting the Chinese microblog market.

The white paper reveals that by the end of 2010, there will be over 65 million registered active accounts in the Internet microblog sector in China; by 2011, the number will be over 100 million.

Statistics show that Sina’s microblog service is the top microblog service in China by ten indices, including brand recognition and frequency of use. Due to the simple and rapid operation as well as easy access by mobile phones, users of microblogs are now increasingly writing microblog posts with mobile phones. According to the white paper, about 36.6% of users log onto their Sina microblogs via mobile phone WAP services and the ratio is still increasing with the development of the Internet.

By regions, users in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiwan prefer to log into their Sina microblogs via the Web; while those in Guangdong, Fujian, and Henan like to access via WAP more. The user habits vary in accordance to the development conditions of the Internet in these regions.

The white paper says that Sina’s microblog users start sending contents from 10:00 every day and peak users is reached in the evening at about 20:00, when 6.9% of daily updated microblogs are published.

Statistics also reveal that 43% of Sina microblog registered users are female and 57% are male. However, among its most active users, 65% are female and only 35% are male.

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