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Hong Kong Promotes Broadband Access Networks

Hong Kong’s Office of the Telecommunications Authority announced a new initiative to promote the installation of fiber-based broadband access networks in residential buildings through the introduction of a voluntary building registration scheme.

“Hong Kong has the most advanced communications network infrastructure in the world. A recent study conducted by the University of Oxford reveals that out of the 72 countries and 239 cities under survey, Hong Kong ranks second in the global broadband leadership table,” a spokesperson from OFTA said. “In this regard, we are most encouraged to see the continuous growth of our local broadband market. As at March 2010, 86% of our domestic households had at least two choices of customer access networks, while 70% had at least three choices,” the spokesperson added.

The new initiative will encourage building management offices to add value to their properties by increasing broadband connectivity through retrofitting existing buildings with new networks.

Building listed in the register may then display prominently inside the building the appropriate label authorized by OFTA. They may also use the label in printing materials which they may publish in relation to the buildings. The fiber-to-the-huilding label indicates that optical fiber is installed within the boundary of a building, whereas the fiber-to-the-home label indicates that a building is installed with optical fiber and is ready to be connected to serve individual subscriber’s premises.

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