TVMall, China’s first online store based on the IPTV platform, has been launched.

Jointly developed by Commerce Information Technology and BesTV, TVMall is an interactive exhibition media platform and shopping platform. With about 40 brands and enterprises, including Bailian, Carrefour, Cofco, Gree, and Samsung, it now covers about five million people in 1.3 million families in Shanghai. In addition, TVMall is negotiating with another 100 brands and enterprises for their settlement on the platform.

Under a strategic cooperation agreement signed by Commerce Information Technology and BesTV, Commerce Information Technology is the exclusive operator and technical supporter of TVMall. A representative from Commerce Information Technology said that the IPTV-based TVMall will allow TV users to realize Internet shopping via televisions.

Commented on the cooperation, BesTV said that if TVMall runs successfully, it will work with Commerce Information Technology to copy this model on Internet TV and mobile TV channels to achieve a full coverage.

Prior to this, BesTV raised a strategy named “one cloud, multi-screen”, which aims to use the three screens of television, computer, and mobile phone to meet the demands of users, regardless of the differences of time and space.