Mochi Media, a Flash game development platform owned by Shanda Games, has issued an open letter, claiming that the Chinese Internet company Tencent has pirated its games.

Mochi Media is seeking a public apology from Tencent, and Mochi Media said that Tencent’s website,, used at least 22 game products of Mochi Media without any legal authorization. Tencent also allegedly blocked in-game advertising and links, which infringed the rights and interests of Mochi Media and the game developers. Mochi Media asked Tencent to immediately stop infringing the copyrighted contents and to issue a public apology.

Prior to this, Mochi Media reportedly tried to communicate with Tencent about the related issue via emails, but Tencent did not take any action.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Mochi Media is one of the world’s largest browser-based games website, with nearly 40,000 games developed by 15,000 developers. With the in-game advertising model, Mochi Media has established game issuance partnerships with over 40,000 channels in 48 countries and regions around the world. In early 2010, Mochi Media was acquired by Shanda Games, a subsidiary of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, for USD80 million.