Chinese information technology company Hasee and the Internet video website have jointly announced in Beijing that the two parties have reached strategic cooperation, and Hasee will invest CNY30 million to place advertisements on

The news was announced by Gong Yu, chief executive officer of, and Wu Haijun, chairman of Hasee. Hasee will launch a new summer marketing blitz to promote its several new products via the Internet marketing platform of

Hasee will place up to CNY30 million in advertisements on This is reportedly the largest Internet advertising deal by Hasee in 2011. Wang Xiangjun, marketing vice president of, said that Hasee’s advertisements actually started June 15.

In addition,’s client will be fully imbedded into Hasee’s tablet computer product. Gong said that the cooperation between the two parties is a typical combination of two powerful companies. The implant of’s client into Hasee’s product represents’s new major measure that aims to realize its “one cloud, multi-screen” strategy.