Taiwan-based Acer plans to acquire U.S.-based iGware for USD320M plus another USD75M for performance-based earn-out.

With the objective of mid- to long-term investment, Acer says it will leverage iGware’s technology to establish its own cloud infrastructure, called Acer Cloud, to serve and benefit Acer customers, and enhance brand value.

iGware, based in Silicon Valley, California, is a provider of cloud technology, offering cloud-based device ecosystems, virtual consoles and personal cloud. iGware’s cloud software and infrastructure tools currently enable and support more than 100 million consumer devices worldwide including Nintendo’s Wii, iDS and 3DS, and will support Wii U in the future.

After the merger, iGware’s legal entity will become Acer Cloud Technology Company, with subsidiaries in Taiwan and China to be set up. Following Acer’s global marketing strategy, Acer will continue to research, and integrate hardware and software for cloud technology innovation to meet the demand of Acer users and enhance overall customer satisfaction.