Aiming to encourage Chinese university graduates to start their own businesses and spread capitalism through China, Chinese Internet company Tencent announced the launch of its new innovative application lab in Tianjin.

Tencent is enhancing its investment in training high-end talents; meanwhile, Tencent’s open platform is promoting the development of innovative applications. Over recent years, the company has set up a research institute and started various projects, including an innovative club, campus competitions, and other campus plans, to train Internet talents.

With the establishment of the new innovative application lab, teachers and students in universities in Tianjin will be able to access and learn knowledge about the development trends and leading applications in the information technology sector. This will promote the information technology education and research in the city.

This new move represents Tencent’s commitment in creating more innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities for university students. It will not only encourage these students to innovate and start their own businesses, but also will inject vitality into the Chinese Internet industry, so as to maintain a sustainable and healthy development of the industry.