Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, China’s leading interactive entertainment media company, has launched its Android-based customized smartphone operating system named Lezhong ROM.

Shanda’s new Lezhong operating system is developed based on Android 2.3.7 and its user interface provides re-designed and optimized functions allowing phone calls, short messages, contacts, and media players. Meanwhile, it integrates Shanda’s exclusive applications such as the e-book platform Cloudary and the Evernote-style note-syncing application Mknote. In addition, it supports various back-up services.

Lezhong ROM can support several smartphones, including Nexus One, ZTE V880, Nexus S, and HTC Desire, and more will be able to use the new operating system in the future.

Shanda is reportedly developing its own smartphone and will launch the product in March or April 2012. The new smartphone will reportedly adopt similar sales methods and channels as the company’s e-book reader Bambook, and the price of this new product is temporarily set at CNY999. In addition, the new smartphone will adopt Lezhong ROM.