Chinese management software solutions and services provider Ufida has formally published its cloud platform and launched its new brand identity.

The new logo is the combination of its Chinese name and the lowercase English “yonyou”. The company’s English name has also been changed to Yonyou Software Co., Ltd. Interestingly, though, is that the Chinese characters phonetically should be written as “yongyou”.

This is reportedly the second time for the software company to change its logo. In April 2005, the company changed its English name from UFsoft to Ufida. Wang Wenjing, its chairman at that time, said the move aimed to accelerate the internationalization of the company.

The new logo change is recognized as coordination with the launch of the company’s new cloud strategy. At the end of 2011, Ufida formally announced its cloud strategy and stated that it will fully enter the cloud computing sector, aiming to become Asia’s largest and world-leading enterprise cloud service provider.

Apart from changing logo, the company also published its cloud platform for enterprise users. This new platform will reportedly use cloud computing and the mobile Internet model to integrate all customers, applications and services of the company while aggregating third-party resources, to finally form an enterprise cloud service platform.

So far, Ufida has launched many solutions and application services based on the enterprise cloud platform, including private cloud solutions for large enterprises; cloud services for small- and micro-enterprises; the health care industry cloud; enterprise community; enterprise data services; payment services; enterprise application center; and developer center.