Chinese search engine company Baidu and translation software provider Kingsoft Ciba have jointly announced that they reached cooperation in Internet translation technology and contents.

With the cooperation, Kingsoft Ciba’s website, PC client, and mobile client will gain the full access to the translation technology developed by Baidu; meanwhile, Baidu’s dictionary will introduce the dictionary contents of Kingsoft Ciba.

According to Baidu’s comments made to local media, the company spent over a year in the development of this multi-language translation technology and published the related Internet translation product, providing translations of words, sentences, and web pages between Chinese and English as well as between Chinese and Japanese.

The cooperation with Kingsoft Ciba is reportedly the first time for Baidu translation to open its API. In addition, Baidu translation’s API will soon be formally launched on Baidu’s open platform, targeting more technology export cooperation opportunities.

Kingsoft Ciba said that the company will also gradually open its word search API, providing professional, exact, and authoritative dictionary contents to more users.