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Renren.com Launches Two New Developer Products

Chinese social networking company Renren.com has launched two new mobile products: REST API and Mobile Plugins.

Renren.com’s REST API follows the standard REST protocol, including a content service interface, message service interface, friendship information interface, and LBS service interface. It supports the OAuth2.0 authentication.

Mobile Plugins, which are social networking components, include login and registration components, application home page component, and invitation and sharing components; and the product will be provided to developers via a software development kit. So far, Renren.com’s social networking components have been able to support Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Wu Jiang, Renren.com’s vice president and general manager for mobile business, said that REST API and Mobile Plugins will help developers realize the real-time interaction between Renren.com and the applications during the testing stage. Meanwhile, the developer center and application center will establish a social operating system that connects developers and users. Depending on Renren.com’s technology supporting team and the whole set of mobile social networking components, newly-developed applications will have more exposure on Renren.com.

In addition, Renren.com announced that it has started a mobile strategic alliance. The company will cooperate with Rovio, Flipboard, NeNA, NetEase, and AppChina to provide dining information sharing, games, entertainment, and news aggregator contents.

Statistics showed that by December 31, 2011, Renren.com had 147 million users, and over 60% mobile users logged in their Renren accounts via smartphones.

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