Huawei has reportedly hired Jack Morton Worldwide, a global brand consulting company, aiming to promote its marketing activities in the U.S. market in the second half of 2012.

According to reports in local media, Huawei has limited brand awareness among consumers outside of China. To change this situation, the company is planning a large marketing campaign in the U.S. to improve its brand awareness. As a part of the marketing campaign, Huawei will cooperate with its operator clients such as Leap Wireless and MetroPCS in the launch of marketing activities. Meanwhile, the company will directly promote its brand in the second half of 2012.

James Jiang, executive vice president for Huawei’s devices and marketing, said during an interview with local media that they want to improve consumers’ overall awareness of the Huawei brand. He also said that the company’s marketing campaign will start from devices and they are expected to announce several new devices in June 2012.

The company has had problems in the past with its brand because of claims the company is in cahoots with the Chinese government and has Chinese military ties. A branding campaign in the United States would need to overcome this obstacle for consumers to trust the brand.

In addition, Huawei revealed that they have hired the global brand consulting company Jack Morton Worldwide to help them establish consumer brand awareness. Huawei plans to implement a grassroots marketing campaign and it will rely more on social media. From June 2012, Huawei will start its social media promotion in the U.S. to enhance its global performance.