Chinese telecom operator China Mobile has realized two-way roaming between the TD-LTE network in Hangzhou and LTE FDD network in Hong Kong.

This is reportedly the first time for the company to realize data roaming between the two LTE networks and it also marks the business merger of the two networks.

On April 25, 2012, China Mobile’s Hong Kong branch launched the fourth-generation FDD-LTE mobile communications services, providing mobile data services with up to 100Mbps download speed to local users. The realization of the two-way roaming between the fourth-generation networks in Hong Kong and Hangzhou will pave the way for the business merge of China Mobile’s LTE networks.

During a demonstration meeting, Lin Zhenhui, general manager for China Mobile Hong Kong, introduced the process of two-way roaming. Lin successfully accessed the network in Hangzhou with a Hong Kong LTE card and completed a video call with his colleague in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, China Mobile’s high-definition video broadcasting business was displayed during the demonstration.

Prior to this, China Mobile completed the second-phase testing for its TD-LTE network, verifying the maturity of TD-LTE multimode terminal technology. Additional testing will be launched in 13 cities in China and about 20,000 related base stations will be built. So far, China Mobile’s fourth-generation communication experience is available in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing, and Hangzhou.