Chinese social networking giant Tencent has acquired a minority stake in U.S. game company Epic Games.

Epic Games is the developer for the popular games “Gears of War”, “Infinity Blade”, and “Unreal Tournament”. It also developed Unreal Engine, which is used to develop top gamed by many other game companies. According to reports in foreign media, this is reportedly Tencent’s latest investment tapping into the Western gaming market, following its acquisition of the Los Angeles-based game company Riot Games.

Tencent did not reveal the detailed transaction value; however, the company said Epic Games will maintain its independent operation and the transaction will be completed within one month.

According to Epic Games, the company aims to enter the rapidly developing Asian market with this transaction. Tim Sweeney, founder and chief executive officer of Epic Games, said that the deal will include content cooperation with Tencent. Depending on Tencent’s large user group, the company will develop its business in China and Asia, exploring the PC-based Internet game and mobile game sectors.

Epic Games currently has 160 employees working at its headquarters, and the company has 250 employees worldwide.