, the Internet payment subsidiary of Alibaba Group, launched a new platform to integrate various Internet accounts, covering Internet shopping and banking.

With this platform, users can make one-stop inquiries of their Internet shopping and banking account information, including credits, shopping coupons, and credit card bills, and realize one-stop management of various Internet accounts and virtual assets.

By logging on their Alipay accounts, users can bind several accounts through the new platform under the account management tab and they will be able to inquire information of these accounts after the completion of the binding. At present, the cooperating partners of this new platform are divided into four categories, which are shopping, tourism, leisure, and banks. The platform has formed partnerships with,,,, Podinns,,, and seven banks.

A representative from said that due to the consideration of protecting the asset security of users, will not force users to bind their accounts, and those can bind with are all partners of its new platform. said the company will invite more partners in the future.