Chinese Internet retailer has launched a new site with the independent domain in Vietnam to further expand into the overseas market.

A representative from revealed that the company’s customer services policies in Vietnam include 30 days free returns; free delivery for an order reaching VND250,000; cash on delivery across the entire country; and 24-hour customer hotline service.

To realize the nationwide cash on delivery service, will cooperate with local Vietnamese distributors. In addition, has established infrastructure such as call center and warehouses in Vietnam, and the facilities will be expanded with the development of its business. said that the company will realize the establishment of its local operating system in Vietnam by cooperating with its local partner ECpay. ECpay will also use its offline site resources in Vietnam to make more delivery service innovations. In return, will mainly provide a technical system, management process specification guidance, and e-commerce model feedback to ECpay.

This is not the first time for to develop the overseas market. In 2010, the Chinese company started its march into overseas markets and launched its official English website, which sells products to 87 countries and regions around the world. Moreover,’s Chinese website also launched overseas distribution services, which will meet the demands of Chinese users in other countries.

According to public files, Vietnam’s Internet development has been the fastest in Southeast Asia over the past ten years. At present, 31% Vietnamese use the Internet and the number of its netizens increases by two to three million each year.