Harry Shum, Microsoft’s global senior vice president in charge of the development of the company’s global search engine, announced that a new version is now available for Bing Chinese search, Cn.bing.com.

The new version reportedly features a new dynamic front page, more concise web search pages, and more accurate results.

In the wireless search sector, Bing provides one-click search service to Windows Phones. Users can easily gain search results like information and pictures. Meanwhile, Bing offers various applications, including a dictionary and map app, to Windows Phone, iOS, and Android users.

Shum said they hope more Chinese netizens can use Bing search and provide feedback in regards to the inadequacies of the product, so as to help them improve product experience and make Bing the first choice of international search engines for Chinese users.

In July 2011, Chinese search engine company Baidu began cooperating with Microsoft’s Bing, and the two parties jointly provide English-language search services to Chinese users.