Chinese social networking site recently published its software client for smart TV, which will be pre-installed on smart TV products manufactured by Samsung, Haier, and Hisense.

This will reportedly make TV another social screen following smartphone and PC. Financial terms of these deals have not yet been revealed.

Haier and Hisense’s smart TVs adopt the Android operating system and the running of on these smart TVs is similar with its running on Android smartphones. Meanwhile, on Samsung’s smart TV, focuses on the design of a simple and beautiful interface as well as user-friendly operations. With this new client,’s users will be able to view the updates of their friends and interact with them via smart TVs.

Smart TV features clear screen, larger browsing interface, and better visual effects. Users can not only operate the smart TV interface with an interactive remote control, but also can realize the operations by connecting it with their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Cheng Binghao, chief executive officer of, said that the existence of social network promotes the socialization of TV program production; meanwhile, it makes users and TVs more connected with each other. Moreover, the emergence of large numbers of social TV applications will stimulate audiences to watch more TV and participate in interactivity.