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Ganji.com, Coo8.com Join For Internet Advertising Services

Chinese classified information provider Ganji.com has inked a deal with Coo8.com, the professional home appliances e-commerce site for retailer Gome, to offer targeted advertising promotions to Gome.

Wei Bingfang, vice president of Ganji.com, said that the cooperation between Ganji.com and Coo8.com realizes seamless connections of product models. Meanwhile, Ganji.com will become the first of its kind to provide clients with precisely matched advertising in China.

At present, advertising is the major income source for Chinese classified information websites and it is an important subject for these websites to improve advertising quality and effectiveness. According to Chen Chao, director for major client of Ganji.com, with the cooperation, Ganji.com will directly place the product pictures and price information from Coo8.com mainly in the secondhand goods channel on Ganji.com. When users are searching for secondhand goods on Ganji.com, they can also refer to the related products recommended by Coo8.com.

Chen said this cooperation method can meet users’ demands for price comparison; and if users want to purchase new goods, they can go to Coo8.com by a simple click.

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