Chinese online marketing is booming, and Tencent just announced the launch of its advertising real-time trade platform Tencent AdExchange, marking its formal entry into the Chinese real time bidding market.

The company started internal testing of Tencent AdExchange from 2012. So far, it has completed the docking tests with major Chinese demand-side platforms, including Ipinyou and AdChina. Meanwhile, it has reportedly completed about 1.6 billion cookie mappings with many demand side platforms.

Tencent AdExchange plans to connect with Tencent’s social advertising platform in the future, aiming to add social features in its placed advertisements and realize interactive communication while maintaining accurate reach to users and online marketers.

Commenting on the launch of Tencent AdExchange, Liu Shengyi, president for Tencent’s networking media business cluster and senior executive vice president of Tencent Group, said that facing the current media environment and marketing model reforms, marketing ideas need to transform from media-oriented to personal-targeted marketing.

Prior to this, Tencent announced the joining of Zheng Jingwei, former chief operating officer of AdChina, as new general manager for the advertising platform unit of the networking media group. Zheng is responsible for businesses related to the networking media advertising platform and reports to Liu.