Chinese classified information website announced the launch of a new housekeeping service brand named "58 Daojia" and appointed Chen Xiaohua, chief strategy officer of, as chief executive officer of "58 Daojia".

58 Daojia provides location-based service booking, on-site services, and online payment and reviews.

This project was initially launched in July 2014. Currently, 58 Daojia has deployed ten on-site lifestyle services, including housekeeping, manicures, and relocation, in 20 cities across the country. Its monthly order growth is reportedly growing at over 100%.

58 Daojia CEO Chen said that with the launch of 58 Daojia brand, they will continue to provide better service experience to customers. They believe that 58 Daojia will be able to provide jobs for 1,000 people in the next five years.

According to Yao Jinbo, chief executive officer of, the company plans to invest USD300 million in the future to redefine the service industry and bring common chores direct to consumers in their homes.