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Chinese Social Media Aggregation Site Shuts Down

Chinese forum aggregation site Daqi.com formally announced its closure.

Daqi.com published a notice on its official website which says they terminated the offering of content services with immediate effect. They apologize for inconvenience caused and appreciate the understanding of users.

Founded in November 2004, Daqi.com was originally known as ChinaBBS.com and it is one of the earliest media platforms that focused on the research and practice of social media content aggregation and buzz monitoring. Along with competing services like MyRSS.cn which was later acquired by U.S.-based software firm Vocus, Daqi.com formed a niche ecosystem that allowed public relations professionals, marketing managers, and Chinese netizens to have easy access to competitive information and content covering thousands of forum topics across China.

In March 2006, the company was renamed to Daqi.com. On July 21, 2010, Daqi.com announced plans to cancel the forum moderator recommendation service, which meant it terminated cooperation with moderators of its communities, and it further led to the loss of support from advertising webmasters.

Over the course of its operation, Daqi.com gained investments from IDGVC Partners and WI Harper Group.

The company's website makes no mention of how or if it sold its assets and whether the company has plans to re-open under a different guise.

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