Chinese Internet company Tencent has launched a customer relationship management product named Tencent Qidian that integrates the company's various social networking tools into an easy-to-use dashboard.

Relying on Tencent's QQ and WeChat instant messaging services, Tencent Qidian will provide social value to small businesses and establish a customer-oriented closed-loop CRM system based on instant messaging.

Tan Yi, head of the Tencent Qidian project, said that on Qidian's platform, enterprises can connect with users via many methods. They can reach customers' by QQ, WeChat, H5, apps, and QR codes, and then provide information and services to consumers.

To facilitate access to the service capacities of partners from various sectors, Tencent Qidian established a service system covering online and offline traffic parties to provide fast overall solutions to meet the entire business process demands of customers. This provides Tencent a base on which to grow its service to offline parties in the future.

Tan said Tencent Qidian will integrate the data distribution of Guang Dian Tong, an advertising system launched by Tencent, to complete a closed loop ecosystem offering precise social advertising, service network mapping, and customer base growth to companies to have them reach high-potential customers.