Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group realized USD11 billion mobile advertising revenue in 2016, accounting for 40.3% market share in the Chinese mobile advertising market.

According to the latest statistics provided by the market research firm eMarketer, Baidu achieved mobile advertising revenue of USD5.5 billion in 2016, accounting for nearly 20% market share in China. Tencent's mobile advertising revenue was USD3.2 billion, accounting for 11.6% market share.

eMarketer predicted that by 2019, China's mobile advertising market scale will increase from USD27.31 billion in 2016 to USD60.25 billion. With 40% market share, Alibaba's mobile advertising revenue will reach USD24.1 billion, which is over double compared with that of 2016.

Cindy Liu, an analyst from eMarketer, told local media that due to the increased participation of Taobao users and its continuous offering of highly relevant advertisements to consumers, Alibaba's advertising revenue shows no sign of slowing.