Shanda Literature, the online literature subsidiary of China’s Shanda Interactive Entertainment, has reportedly registered and established a subsidiary in Singapore, aiming to expand into the English-language digital and mobile e-book reading market.

According to information from, Hou Xiaoqiang, CEO of Shanda Literature, revealed that 30% of Shanda Literature’s website clicks now come from overseas Chinese readers. However, Hou said that the establishment of this site in Singapore is not aiming at overseas Chinese readers. He said the Internet is an open platform and it is not necessary to open an overseas site to attract overseas Chinese readers. The new site will focus instead on the English-language market.

Commenting on the reason for choosing Singapore to distribute Shanda Literature’s first overseas site, Hou said Singapore is a country where people speak both English and Mandarin Chinese.

The website of Shanda Literature’s Singapore branch is currently under construction. The Singapore site will be offered in both English and Chinese and the company is actively contacting local publishers and writers. The establishment of this new overseas branch is also expected to promote Shanda Literature’s cloud library program.