has completed integration with PPS, an Internet video website recently acquired by Baidu.

At the same time, Iqiyi said Wang Xiangjun, former senior marketing vice president of Iqiyi, has been promoted to be chief marketing officer, and Wang will will be leading the brand management and advertising sales of Iqiyi and PPS.

Iqiyi and PPS announced their integration on May 7, 2013. Since then, Iqiyi spent 20 days in organization restructuring and team integration, covering marketing, advertising sales, procurement, and finance departments. After the integration, Iqiyi will realize unified management on finance, legal, and human resources levels.

The integration of Iqiyi and PPS was completed on May 24 and about 5% PPS employees whose functions overlap with those in Iqiyi have been re-arranged, including position transfers and departures with compensation. Based on statistics provided by PPS, the company has 1,000 employees, which means the changes affected about 50 people.

According to Gong Yu, chief executive officer of Iqiyi, the team integration aims to maximize the collaboration between Iqiyi and PPS while maintaining their respective advantages and flexibility. Gong said the team which established the core value of PPS will maintain its organizational structure and will gain more staff and investment to play advantages in industrial competition.